Communication is the key. Never forget to remember your co-workers they’re not loathsome toads.

E.R. | S.06 Ep.02 - Last Rites

Mika trying to sing Lola - Brussels, September 18th 2014

"J’ai oublié les paroles!"

Next time this happens to you, just remember that you are not alone.

This video clip is a giant playground [x]

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I bet the photographer would say that the shoot started well and then something went wrong. The rest of us would say it was quite the opposite. 

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The last couple of days have been exhausting, dude! … When are we doing it again?


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Mika on NRJ, june 2014 (subtitles by me) 

Same old same old: subtitles by me so sorry for mistakes

Some bits were missing in my files, here are those i remember:
- At a point he said he has been wearing the same suit for days because British Airways has lost his luggages and he’s been waiting for them since last wednesday apparently. To which the radio team added that he probably didn’t take a shower since then either as his toilet bag were lost too; and he answered that it’s not that bad as he smells good naturally anyway xD.
- Fascinating stuff incoming: he also said he does his laundry himself, except at hotels because it’ll be rude to ask them to put a wahsing machine in his room. He doesn’t care doing it because it’s easy, you just have to press some buttons . But he hates ironing. But he likes the smell of the steam and he likes to press the button because it goes pshhit. I told you it was fascinating
- When recording in LA he used the accoustic of different rooms. He has recorded bits in the bathroom and, apparently, in the toilets. Leading to a misunderstanding when the team were joking about him without him even noticing (I’ll let you guess, it involves microphones and toilets).

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Chapter 2: A 5-year-old Mika is still having fun on DaVoiceMan (English Subtitles)

Part One available here

Link & Backup Link (if needed,I suggest you to use the vimeo one as I won’t bet on the youtube one to stand the night)

Again, subtitles by me so sorry for the mistakes. 

So here it is. between two Pixelised Super Mario Cover announcements xD. I don’t think it’s “as good” as the first one - this is not me fishing for compliment, this is the simple fact that Battles and Live shows gave me far less material. Also, I should say that I didn’t plan to do a follow-up. I made it because I was asked a lot (and it was quite overwelming and sweet and warmful and thanks to all of those who have commented everywhere by the way. Really, You can’t begin to imagine how moved I was) but then in a way, it felt less natural as I was doing it. But I still had lots and lots of fun so it shouldn’t be that bad to watch either :p.

Teaser. Because I am doing teasers now. This is hilarious xD

More seriously, this is just to let those who are interested know that it should be out there tonight. I hope. But my shitty internet connexion doesn’t allow me to be more confident. Tonight is at about 6hrs from now in my timezone by the way.

(I may also add that I am scared to death to put it online. I wasn’t at all with he first one as I didn’t expect it to get more than 20 views xD)



This may be my favorite gif of all time




This may be my favorite gif of all time


Alex Kingston as Lady Macbeth, Park Avenue Armory (NYC - May 31, 2014) [x]

Alex Kingston as Lady Macbeth, Park Avenue Armory (NYC - May 31, 2014) [x]

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Same as me !! It’s in my ipod video, between sweeney todd and monsters university !

Oh,wow, that’s exactly where I excected people to put it when I made it! 

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Old stuff part 1/2

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Old stuff part 2/2

(So, yes, it’s basically me cannibalising my own vid. In a way of taking a break from finishing part 2 of the said vid. That’s how messed up I am)

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Be warned: What was at 1st a "blog about anything but mostly Doctor Who" has turned into an Alex Kingston extravaganza - in which I'm currently throwing bits of a candy called Mika. And I regret nothing.

Also, yes, I'm on Twitter
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