t’as déjà vu une grenouille bouffer des smacks???

Modern day Prince charming interview (x)

"I’m making a documentary on today’s prince charmings. So tell me a little bit about yourself…"

Of course.

145 episodes of Elizabeth: 17/145

419 - Shades of Gray

The Guy is not convinced.

Every once in a while, The Egg comes back.

I was bored and I wanted to play with this jacket. Period.


hi guys. does someone have the link to the kinglet masterpost with all the links to all the things alex has been in? i saw it but i lost it :( 

Yep, here it comes, thanks to the author <3



How to identify Alex Kingston fans?

1. Freaks out over a curl and a pair of boots

2. The words "Hello, Sweetie" and "You are always here to me" are sufficient to bring on the waterworks

3. The mention of a certain, small, fluffy, furry animal is the easiest way to make them go ‘asbkajjsdl’

4. Even the mention of a certain hairy baby penis with regards to Alex is enough for them to start hissing and draw weapons

Special Test: Show them a picture of Alex from head down and see if they can identify the clothing.

How Mika was introduced in X Factor Italia vs. how he was introduced in The Voice France.

Great sense of proportions, from both sides. CSI Miami vs. Franklin goes to school.






The book:


The movie:


The Fan fictions

The fans



my life seems to depend on this post 

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145 episodes of Elizabeth: 15/145

417 - a bloody mess

Be warned: What was at first a "blog about anything but mostly Doctor Who" has turned into an Alex Kingston extravaganza - in which I'm currently throwing bits of a candy called Mika.

And I regret nothing.
Whovian. Kinglet . All is said.